Productivity Booster Program

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Get rid of productivity killers! Productivity Booster Program will enable you to boost your productivity, achieve great results and enjoy a well-balanced life. 

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Do you wonder why some people attain high levels of productivity, and make brilliant headways in all their undertakings while others struggle with little jobs? Successful people and top performers achieve their goals because they know the strategies of maximizing productivity and they are masters of utilizing their time wisely. These highly successful individuals have a different mindset, and they know how to reach their goals in a shorter period than others. Master these strategies and become highly efficient and successful with the help of Productivity Booster Program:


  • Deal with psychological phenomena to eliminate the reasons of time scarcity

  • Master the concept of Intercultural Time and reach balance in any modern team you are in

  • Learn effective Time Management Strategies to maximize your productivity

  • Use Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to create the winning habits 

Productivity Booster Program is made up of 6 live webinar sessions of 1 hour 30 mins each and a Bonus Webinar on Success Strategies which is 1 hour long. You can also request for live company training if you wish.


Productivity Booster Program is very flexible and is available on various days of the week at different time periods.

Kindly select the option that fits you the most when booking your seat.

Group I: Monday, 19:00-20:30 GMT+1 (Berlin time)

Dates: 23.01.2017

Group II: Thursday, 18:00-19:30 GMT+1 (Berlin time)

Dates: 26.01.2017

Group III: Flexible.

This option is a good fit for organisations booking 20 places and more. We will agree upon the dates and time for each webinar with 20 participants. Please get in touch with VES by email to arrange flexible appointments


Webinar 1.  Time Management Avatar

  • Learn how to recognize your Time Orientation and the different Time Orientation of the people around you

  • Learn how to succeed with those who have a different Time Orientation than you

  • Sort out the Psychological Time Phenomena that have an impact on you

  • Learn the best strategies for coping with Time Discounting and Procrastination

Webinar 2. The Missing Link To Your Success

  • Learn the best Time Management Strategies

  • Raise your awareness of time use

  • Manage goal-setting on various levels

  • Learn how to reach your goals faster than ever before


Webinar 3. To do or not to do?

  • Learn the key Prioritising Strategies

  • Learn how to plan tasks taking into account psychological productivity factors

  • Learn how to focus on key priorities


Webinar 4. Your Perfect Balance

  • Learn the key Balance Strategies

  • Learn how to generate feedback that will limit the influence of interruptions by others

  • Learn to relax, focus and reach your goals using innovative relaxation techniques



Webinar 5. Productivity Optimisation Crash Course

  • Analyse your working style

  • Optimise your productivity strategies

  • Learn to conquer procrastination and get things done

  • Prioritize and plan


Webinar 6. Skyrocket Your Business Efficiency

  • Learn the key Time Management Strategies for business

  • Learn how to delegate and lead successful meetings

  • Deal with e-mail flood


Bonus Webinar: Success Strategies

  • This is a 1-hour session (value: €200) that covers the personal Success Strategies of Elena based on Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and her wide experience

In Addition To 7 Live Webinars You Will Get:

Benefits You Get:

  • You can take part in the program from anywhere without traveling to the place where the event is being held. Just ensure that when the webinar starts, you have a laptop or smartphone with internet connection.

  • Productivity Booster Workbook (value: €97) with examples, tools, exercises and resources that will guide you in organizing your time and becoming a high performer. The workbook is over 100 pages long.

  • Bonus Webinar: Success Strategies (value: €200):This is a one-hour session that covers Elena’s personal Success Strategies which is based on Neuroscience, Psychology, and her wide experience.

  • Daily VIP Coaching & Support in Productivity Booster Community which will help you stay charged, motivated and highly productive. Value: priceless.

  • 2 licences for Productivity Booster Tool (value: €98) which will help you identify “productivity killers”. Share the love: give the second licence to your partner or best friend. Having highly productive people around you makes a difference to your own performance.

  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If it turns out that this program is not for you, please let us know by email before the 30 days are over, and we will refund you 50% of the amount of money you paid for it. 

Your Access To The Program:

  • You will get a welcome email with a detailed workflow description and an access link to the webinars. Please make sure that you add our email address to your address book so that you get all our emails. 


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Productivity Booster Program

Productivity Booster Program

Get rid of productivity killers! Productivity Booster Program will enable you to boost your productivity, achieve great results and enjoy a well-balanced life.